First blog post

Hello everyone!

Every once in a while you find a blog which makes you addicted to it’s content and you think, ‘damn! this blogger must be so talented and amazing person’. Now this blog is nothing like that (bummer!), and I am only a mediocre person who is trying to learn some skills and share them along with the challenges I face, So that I can look into my past and have a little smile seeing how I did back then, feel a little bit proud that I actually accomplished something, laugh about how stupid I was to post this, Think about how these crazy years have passed like a bullet.

I have never maintained a diary or any log to remember how I spent my life and I want to change that. Being an introverted person it’s kind of hard and little bit scary for me to write about myself as I would be worried about how I will come out as a person to the outside world, But I honestly do not expect this blog to go viral or anything so I should be fine. I would be more than happy even if only one person reads my blog.

So let’s begin and see what blogging world has to offer and if I am any good at it!!


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